Sock making

My favorite thing to make that requires no thinking are vanilla socks. My go-to recipe is a pair of top-down socks with a heel flap, slightly longer than ankle length. They’re perfect for Bay Area weather in California. I’m intimidated by toe-up socks, but it’s a technique I want to try out year.

I’ve rounded up a couple of patterns that have caught my eye that I want to make (when I’m not making vanilla socks). I bought the beautiful 52 Weeks of Socks book a while back and I’ve only made one pair! Two of the patterns listed below are from the book and I’d like to make them this fall.

From left to right (top row):

Candleflame by Mona Schmidt

Intersections by Marceline Smith

From left to right (bottom row):

Lyne Socks by Dawn Henderson (free pattern)

Sparks by Andrea Mowry

Color Palette Socks by Laura Moorats (free pattern)

I’m drawn to these sock patterns because they look engaging but have enough repetition so I won’t mess up too badly! The color palette socks look like a wonderful way to use up stash yarns.

What socks are you making?

Summer knitting

I don’t do much knitting in the summertime, preferring to read in the evenings instead. If I do pick up my needles, I tend to work on socks. Or, I’ll make tanks/tees using cotton/linen yarn. Do you knit year round? Do your projects change depending on the season?

Sometimes, I’m a focused, monogamous knitter, diligently working on my one project from start to finish and taking detailed notes. Most of the time, I’m nonchalant and have 4-6 projects casted on, working on different things to suit the occasion. I am very meticulous about swatching and making modifications since I’m petite, but I’m a leisurely knitter. Knitting is my past time for relaxing, so I’m ok with taking my time to get a finished object!

I’ve tucked away the wool WIPS I’ve been working on, and I’m sure once the weather cools down, I’ll be excited to work on them again. Here are some of my summer knits!


Camisole No.2 by My Favorite Things

Vanilla socks (my own sock recipe)

Finished objects:

Grrlfriend market bag by Laura Spradlin

Ribbed socks (my own sock recipe)

My bag waaaay stretched out, so I’m going to go back and shorten the body and straps.

What are you making?

Dreamy Shawls

When I first started knitting, I bought all sorts of different types of yarn. First, I bought chunky acrylic yarn at Michael’s because it was most accessible. Then, when I visited a local yarn shop for the first time, I bought superwash fingering weight merino yarns because they were soft, beautiful, and vibrant in color. Over time, I’m noticing that I’m gravitating towards more sheepy yarns in neutral tones. But I’ve accumulated a stash and still haven’t worked through some of the purchases I’ve made!

I’ve decided now that Spring is approaching, working on shawls would be an excellent way to work through my stash of those superwash, fingering weight skeins.

Here is a round up of some lovely shawl designs that I’m thinking would be perfect for my stashless initiative:

From the top left to right:

From the bottom left to right:

Hoping I can cast on one of these stunning patterns in the near future. Are you a shawl knitter? Do any of these designs catch your eye?


I finished knitting my Scotchbroom top on Inauguration Day. It was such a great way to wrap up a hopeful morning.

Scotchbroom was easy to follow along to, and I’m looking forward to wearing it this spring. I live in a mild climate, and crop tees like this pattern are perfect. I didn’t use that much yarn, so I have enough to make something else. I’m thinking of using my leftovers to make a Ripple bralette.

The color is stunning. The photos are showing up more grey, but it’s more of a mix od navy blues in person. I started a bulky sweater that turned out to have the same tonal coloring that I’m pretty excited about as well. I’ll photograph some photos of that once I make more progress. I’ve been swatching for new projects to cast on, but it’s been rainy, so it’s taking forever to dry.

I also finished my Vervain socks!

I’m about to cast on another pair of socks to keep working through some of the beautiful patterns in Laine’s 52 Weeks of Socks.

I have a simple helicial sock on the needles for more mindless knitting when I don’t want to pay attention. This is just my own vanilla sock recipe with these Regia yarns. I love knitting socks and always have 1-2 casted on.

What are you working on?

Ideas, Intentionality, and What I’m Working On

Have you ever gotten a song stuck in your head, and you can’t stop unconsciously humming or singing it until it passes? That’s what the making process is to me. Ever since I picked up knitting, it’s like the creative part of my brain switched on.

This year, I’m working to be more intentional with my makes and my ideas. My goal is try to notice more when I have an itch to purchase new yarn or to cast a new project, to take a step back, and reflect: will I get lots of wears out of of this finished object? is this inspired by trends? is it something I will reach for or something I’m missing from my wardrobe? I hope to incorporate more intentionality because my making goal this year is to be creative and reduce my stash! I’ve accumulated a lot of yarn, and the amount is more than I’m comfortable with.

Anyways, all that’s to say is most of what I am working on or will be working on is yarn from my stash. I’m excited to see what makes I will accomplish and to get to a comfortable place with my stash as a goal!

Finished Objects:

I’m petite and am only about 4’11” tall and making my own clothes has been a freeing experience. I just finished The Weekender sweater designed by Andrea Mowry, and I love it! I started this project last December and this was yarn that I purchased from Purl Soho on sale. I’ve mostly been wearing it around the apartment, but I got to wear to on a picnic by the park outside where we live. You can follow my project notes and mods here on my Ravelry If I were to remake this, I might make a cropped version.

I also recently finished making a hat for my partner (left). It shouldn’t have taken so long to complete, but I kept putting it off. This was my first time holding strands doubled (that wasn’t mohair) and I kept getting strands tangled. While the yarn was extremely luxurious and a delight to work with, the tangled situation made me dread picking this project up. It’s starting to get warm where we live these days, so I’m not sure how many wears he’ll get until the fall, but I’m sure pleased with how this hat turned out!

The hat on the right is something I made last year, but it’s for a friend who just welcomed a baby girl this January! I’m going to make a pink pom pom. Can’t wait for them to get it.

What I’m Working On

I’ve got lots of projects going on at once right now….I’m itching to cast on a new sweater now that I’ve sorted out my stash and finished the Weekender project, but I know I’ll feel better working on my current WIPs.

I have a colorwork sweater, a mindless shawl for tv/knitting for meetings with a pattern I’m making up as I go, and a tee made with gorgeous merino yarn that I have on the needles.

I also have two socks going on right now: a simple vanilla one with self striping Regia yarn where I’m experimenting stitch counts for the perfect fit, and a more complex pattern called Vervain from Laine’s 52 Weeks of Socks publication. Here are older photos that I took last week of what they look like. (I’ve completed the left sock of Vervain and am almost done with the second sock!)

Fingers crossed the next time I post I have completed more WIPs! Until then, I’ll be anxiously knitting away in the evening during these crazy times.


My name is Kathy Tran. I’m a 25 year old working professional that learned how to knit 3 years ago. While I have a friendly and bubbly personality, I’m quite reserved in sharing things about my life and am introverted. This blog is an exercise to push me out of my comfort zone, and what I hope to contribute is the perspective of a young, maker of color.

This blog is named Moon Rabbit Knits because knitting reminds me of autumn and staying warm and cozy. In Vietnamese culture, we celebrate Tet Trung Thu (the Mid-Autumn Festival) and it’s a day of filled with lantern-making, fireworks, and family gathering. Moon rabbit comes from a folk story that I associate with the festival.

I grew up working class and didn’t always get to spend quality time with my family unless it was the weekends or holidays. These holidays that my family and I celebrated together throughout the years give me the same feelings of love, warmth and happiness when I make handmade objects.

I’m so excited to share my projects and my maker thoughts, and to connect with others!