Sock making

My favorite thing to make that requires no thinking are vanilla socks. My go-to recipe is a pair of top-down socks with a heel flap, slightly longer than ankle length. They’re perfect for Bay Area weather in California. I’m intimidated by toe-up socks, but it’s a technique I want to try out year.

I’ve rounded up a couple of patterns that have caught my eye that I want to make (when I’m not making vanilla socks). I bought the beautiful 52 Weeks of Socks book a while back and I’ve only made one pair! Two of the patterns listed below are from the book and I’d like to make them this fall.

From left to right (top row):

Candleflame by Mona Schmidt

Intersections by Marceline Smith

From left to right (bottom row):

Lyne Socks by Dawn Henderson (free pattern)

Sparks by Andrea Mowry

Color Palette Socks by Laura Moorats (free pattern)

I’m drawn to these sock patterns because they look engaging but have enough repetition so I won’t mess up too badly! The color palette socks look like a wonderful way to use up stash yarns.

What socks are you making?

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