Summer knitting

I don’t do much knitting in the summertime, preferring to read in the evenings instead. If I do pick up my needles, I tend to work on socks. Or, I’ll make tanks/tees using cotton/linen yarn. Do you knit year round? Do your projects change depending on the season?

Sometimes, I’m a focused, monogamous knitter, diligently working on my one project from start to finish and taking detailed notes. Most of the time, I’m nonchalant and have 4-6 projects casted on, working on different things to suit the occasion. I am very meticulous about swatching and making modifications since I’m petite, but I’m a leisurely knitter. Knitting is my past time for relaxing, so I’m ok with taking my time to get a finished object!

I’ve tucked away the wool WIPS I’ve been working on, and I’m sure once the weather cools down, I’ll be excited to work on them again. Here are some of my summer knits!


Camisole No.2 by My Favorite Things

Vanilla socks (my own sock recipe)

Finished objects:

Grrlfriend market bag by Laura Spradlin

Ribbed socks (my own sock recipe)

My bag waaaay stretched out, so I’m going to go back and shorten the body and straps.

What are you making?

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