Dreamy Shawls

When I first started knitting, I bought all sorts of different types of yarn. First, I bought chunky acrylic yarn at Michael’s because it was most accessible. Then, when I visited a local yarn shop for the first time, I bought superwash fingering weight merino yarns because they were soft, beautiful, and vibrant in color. Over time, I’m noticing that I’m gravitating towards more sheepy yarns in neutral tones. But I’ve accumulated a stash and still haven’t worked through some of the purchases I’ve made!

I’ve decided now that Spring is approaching, working on shawls would be an excellent way to work through my stash of those superwash, fingering weight skeins.

Here is a round up of some lovely shawl designs that I’m thinking would be perfect for my stashless initiative:

From the top left to right:

From the bottom left to right:

Hoping I can cast on one of these stunning patterns in the near future. Are you a shawl knitter? Do any of these designs catch your eye?

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