I finished knitting my Scotchbroom top on Inauguration Day. It was such a great way to wrap up a hopeful morning.

Scotchbroom was easy to follow along to, and I’m looking forward to wearing it this spring. I live in a mild climate, and crop tees like this pattern are perfect. I didn’t use that much yarn, so I have enough to make something else. I’m thinking of using my leftovers to make a Ripple bralette.

The color is stunning. The photos are showing up more grey, but it’s more of a mix od navy blues in person. I started a bulky sweater that turned out to have the same tonal coloring that I’m pretty excited about as well. I’ll photograph some photos of that once I make more progress. I’ve been swatching for new projects to cast on, but it’s been rainy, so it’s taking forever to dry.

I also finished my Vervain socks!

I’m about to cast on another pair of socks to keep working through some of the beautiful patterns in Laine’s 52 Weeks of Socks.

I have a simple helicial sock on the needles for more mindless knitting when I don’t want to pay attention. This is just my own vanilla sock recipe with these Regia yarns. I love knitting socks and always have 1-2 casted on.

What are you working on?

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