My name is Kathy Tran. I’m a 25 year old working professional that learned how to knit 3 years ago. While I have a friendly and bubbly personality, I’m quite reserved in sharing things about my life and am introverted. This blog is an exercise to push me out of my comfort zone, and what I hope to contribute is the perspective of a young, maker of color.

This blog is named Moon Rabbit Knits because knitting reminds me of autumn and staying warm and cozy. In Vietnamese culture, we celebrate Tet Trung Thu (the Mid-Autumn Festival) and it’s a day of filled with lantern-making, fireworks, and family gathering. Moon rabbit comes from a folk story that I associate with the festival.

I grew up working class and didn’t always get to spend quality time with my family unless it was the weekends or holidays. These holidays that my family and I celebrated together throughout the years give me the same feelings of love, warmth and happiness when I make handmade objects.

I’m so excited to share my projects and my maker thoughts, and to connect with others!

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